What are the signs that an Oil worker in Alberta is struggling with addiction

The oil industry can be very rewarding when it comes to financial remunerations and other forms of benefits and compensation.

However, for workers who are struggling with addiction, it can be very challenging for them. The oil industry in Alberta is not for the faint-hearted, as workers are expected to meet up with the increasing demand.

Hence, many workers find it difficult to properly manage their stress, so they rely on substances like alcohol and drugs to keep them going. In this piece, you will learn the common signs of an addicted oil worker in Alberta.


Usually, when people become addicted, they prefer their private space instead of being around people. This is partly because they want to avoid the stigmatization that comes with addiction. So, they will prefer to do their thing in private without attracting the public.

Physical signs

You may be able to notice some physical signs in an addicted oil worker. They can have slurred speech, weight loss or weight gain, poor personal hygiene and body odor, etc.

Mental illness symptoms

Most times, the addicts can show some mental illness signs like hallucination, lack of proper coordination, impaired judgment, anxiety, depression, etc.

When these signs occur frequently, it means that the oil worker is undergoing a serious struggle with addiction, and it may not be long before they stop working permanently.

When an oil worker notices that they are addicted, they can seek help from a professional to get their lives back on the sobriety path. It is quite difficult to decide to overcome addiction on your own without any external help.

Hence, when they start with counseling in addiction treatment, they will be able to uncover the root cause of their addiction.

They will also need to be properly evaluated by the therapist so that a proper treatment plan can be created for them.

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