The Psychology of Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray psychologyFort McMurray, Alberta has a unique collective mindset, psychology and culture among Canadian cities. Everywhere one goes in Fort McMurray, they can observe a mentality of masculinism, getting rich and living large. Fort McMurray is the classic oil boom town story set in modern times with a rapidly expanding population, and it is no surprise that the collective psychology of Fort McMurray is male dominated, capitalistic and full of excess.

Any oil boom town in history is notedly male dominated. Working men from near and far clamor into oil towns while they are on their way up, seeking to make a better than average working wage. Fort McMurray is no exception, boasting the highest wages and housing prices in Canada. The oil industry is overwhelmingly dominated by men because the work force is made up of tradesman, ranging from truck drivers to welders to scaffold builders.

Fort McMurray is also a city that is all about money. The oil industry of Alberta is the most lucrative industry in Canada, and the desire to work for an oil corporation is widespread. The wages in the oil industry of Canada are the best one can find, and as a result, all of Alberta stands out as the wealthiest Canadian province. Housing prices and costs of living in Fort McMurray are extremely high as a result, but people are happy to pay the prices. It is popular in Fort McMurray for oil workers to spend their off time blowing copious amounts of money on recreation.

Which leads to the last psychological attribute of Fort McMurray: excess. The culture of excess in Fort McMurray is known throughout Canada. It is a Fort McMurray tradition to earn a high wage, then spend it on large houses, nice cars and other impressive material possessions. It is also a well known Fort McMurray tradition to take in party substances in excess, such as alcohol, cocaine and marijuana.

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